016 – Why every facilitator should take improvisation theatre classes – with Tamar Broadbent


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In this episode, I talk to Tamar Broadbent, a comedian, writer, improviser, award-winning musical songwriter, and: my first improvisation theatre teacher! In our super fun talk, we speak about improvisation theatre and what facilitators can learn from improvisers. I claim that every facilitator who is serious about getting to the next level should take improv classes! In the show, Tamar shares the ground rules of improv and how they apply to live off-stage, we talk about listening, connection, and creating safe space through authentic positivity.

Don’t miss the part when Tamar shares her experience working with teams in a business setting and how she prepares for these. Along our conversation, we draw analogies between on- and off-stage scenarios that will surely inspire you to design a new setting for fun workshops that work by delivering results. 

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Questions and Answers


[1:33]Let’s start with your story. Where did you pick up all of these skills?  

[3:21] As not everyone in the audience might be familiar with improv and long-form Chicago style. Can you give us the nutshell of what all of that means? 

[5:17] Can you share with us the ground rules of improv and why they are so important? 

[7:45] What makes a good scene partner in terms of shared responsibility? 

[11:41] What did you learn for off-stage life? Do you still ask people how they are doing? 

[13:13] Has improv helped you to become a better listener off-stage? 

[17:33] Can you explain how we can say “no” in an improv scene without compromising on the rule of “yes and”?  

[25:02] How important is authenticity for you as an improviser on stage? Can you be authentic or is it just a role you play? 

[27:19] Playing improv is extremely vulnerable in the beginning, as a teacher, how do you create a safe space for your students? 

[36:02] What’s your favourite game/ ice-breaker? 

[38:05] When you do workshops with business teams where participants might not have signed up for improv voluntarily, how do you get them to “warm-up”?  

[41:47] Your classes were always incredibly structured. What was your approach to link the exercises to the general topic and goal of the class?  

[46:03] What makes a workshop fail? 

[47:50] What transformation do you observe in students who enroll in your improv course? 


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