What I offer

Do you work with a creative team or task force on a project with tight deadlines? Make sure that all team members are aligned on the goal and their roles so that you can use your time for your own priorities. 

I facilitate collaboration for creative teams so that they can reach the deadline and meet the leadership's expectations.

I structure the process, build agendas and align them to the goal of the project, the target audience and group of participants. Through smart design, teams will effectively communicate, collaborate and co-create - and feel ownership in the process.

Let's start working on solutions without getting lost in the minute details.

“By doing real work on important problems [...] top teams jump-start their performance and satisfy their need for visible progress.”

Erika Herb, Keith Leslie, and Colin Price (McKinsey 2001)

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My services

Do you have your agenda ready but seek an outside perspective? Let me be your sparring partner! I am here to help.

Below, you can book an online session to get my instant support and see what else is possible to avoid stress when working with creative teams. 

Interested in joining a mastermind group for professional facilitators? Sign up to stay tuned about upcoming opportunities! 



Quick fix

30 min call if you need an assessment and improvement of your agenda 




30 min if you are looking for someone who helps you to facilitate collaboration among a creative team to meet deadlines - free of stress




Peer-coaching sessions (online and in-person) and events for professional facilitators


Email me to put us into your calendar!

“Good ideas come from bad ideas. As long as there are enough of them.”

Seth Godin

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