Are you ready?

Are you ready to equip your team with a novel communication tool that helps them discover new talents existing in each other?

Are you ready to transform your team into a mastermind group? Let members break out of their silos, collaborate and take ownership of the solutions they develop.

„By doing real work on important problems [...] top teams jump-start their performance and satisfy their need for visible progress.“

Erika Herb, Keith Leslie, and Colin Price (McKinsey 2001)

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We can introduce a new way of collaboration in your organisation! 

To experience the methods I use and environment I create, join my regular idea crowdsourcing events in Amsterdam. Or, organise your own idayz party for your team. You will witness how participants support each other in finding new perspectives on their current professional challenges in a judgement-free zone. 

Once you are convinced of my approach, we will tailor the idayz sprint to the needs of your organisation and start the transformation process with an effective grounding workshop that sets up the team to achieve goals. 




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„Good ideas come from bad ideas. As long as there are enough of them.“

Seth Godin

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