dr Myriam Hadnes

Workshops are my passion and my profession. And, I even use workshop elements to design my private gatherings!

I earned a PhD in behavioural economics and worked across cultures and with different industries. As a result, I could develop my own style and toolbox. And, this helps me to support teams to achieve results in a fun way during their working sessions. 

Before becoming a full-time facilitator and workshop designer, I devoted my energy to higher education. This experience shaped my mindset and problem-solving skills. This happened especially through the PhD for which I analyzed the impact of culture on economic behaviour in Burkina Faso. 

I worked as a researcher, lecturer and strategic advisor for universities in GermanyVietnam and Luxembourg. For the latter, I built an advisory team for the university leadership on behalf of the president.

Because I developed educational programs for universities, today the European Investment Bank trusts my expertise to set-up and scale their summer school programme. 

Since March 2019, I host the podcast "workshops work" where my guests and I share our expertise. We aim to help fellow facilitators, team leaders and managers to host workshops that work - by design.

Get in touch with me, via LinkedinFacebook or email to make sure that your next workshop works and delivers the results participants deserve! 


“My clients find support from the group to tackle their individual and team challenges.”

Myriam Hadnes, founder of idayz

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