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You seek the bigger picture but are lost in the minute details?

What is the value of your unused potential?

Is your team solving the right problems?

You want to work on your business but keep working in it?

The concept

You have all the knowledge you need in your organisation already! idayz helps you to use it.

Today's problems are too complex to be solved by individual experts. Effective solutions require collaboration instead of silo-structures. 

idayz helps teams to communicate, collaborate and co-create in a constructive and challenging way. Teams design solutions and share accountability.

Based on my academic and professional expertise, I developed a methodology that fosters collaboration. I create environments where experts share knowledge and challenge underlying assumptions across disciplines and hierarchies, and independent of culture, age and personality type. 

The idayz methodology applies nudges to help participants engage in a critical conversation beyond office politics and individual biases. Teams will set objectives which are aligned with the organisation's reality. They will take responsibility for achieving them.

„While teams face new hurdles, their success still hinges on a core set of fundamentals for group collaboration.“

Martine Haas and Mark Mortensen, HBR 2016



Your team can achieve measurable results in terms of team efficiency, helpfulness and individual initiative after five sessions only.

An idayz sprint covers five 90-minute workshops. Each session brings the team to the next level. After an initial team-crafting workshop, you will identify the core problems and work on realistic solutions. The idayz sprint creates an environment which invites teams to

  • Question underlying assumptions
  • Share knowledge
  • Collaborate to create novel ideas

Teams undergo a transformation to become mastermind groups“. This means that they will align their communication, and take ownership of the solutions they develop. Team members will experience meaningful progress in their daily activities.






Root causes





Sustainable progress

By involving team members in the problem-identification and problem-solving process and they will

  • Align their work
  • Feel more engaged
  • Achieve sustainable results

We can roll out the sprint over one week with daily 90-minute workshops. Or, we schedule weekly sessions that will transform your team within one month. 


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„When it comes to groups and teams there are three practices each must do to produce work: Meet, communicate and decide.“

Jeff Boss, Ex-Navy SEAL

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