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Do your meetings give you energy?

Who remains silent in your workshops?

What are the results of your last workshop?

Are you looking forward to your next meeting?

idayz workshops and mastermind

Status quo

Creative teams and complex projects – organisational change and inertia – innovation and demanding leadership.

If this is your reality, you need a bulletproof structure that will use the full potential of your resources. 

If you manage a complex project you don’t want to be stuck in operational tasks. And your team doesn’t want to be told what to do.

A single workshop can be a game-changer that aligns your team to achieve target goals.  

“Myriam is much more than a facilitator. I think she is a sense maker and  the world needs more sense-making.”

Oscar Trimboli, Author of "Deep Listening", Professional Speaker, Mentor


Projects rarely fail due to a lack of resources. Instead, they fail because of vague goals, unspoken responsibilities, misalignment and miscommunication.

As a result, the relevant costs of failed projects have been sunk, which means:

  • Tools are not used
  • Conferences still have no impact
  • Strategic plans are never implemented
  • Frustrated ‘high potentials’ leave the company for another employer


I support those in charge of complex projects and creative teams. I help you to focus on strategic tasks while your team successfully meets the deadline by delivering high-quality performance.

How do I achieve that? Through a winning combination of well-designed workshops and engaging meetings.

Does this speak to you? Click here to learn more. 

"Myriam is caring, yet challenges and brings out the best of a group.
A very professional and refreshing approach."

Eva-Maria Weidner, Director of Global Sales Communication - Lufthansa Group

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